Constellations: Fall​/​Winter 2016

by Elijah Egbert

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A collections of songs written and recorded September though December, 2016.


released December 31, 2016

Written and recorded by Elijah Egbert.
Lyrics/vocal performance on track 9 contributed by Jiro Lagac.



all rights reserved


Elijah Egbert Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Water On The Stairs
There's water on the stairs
It seeping in through the walls
Oh don't remind me of what we held up there

We painted the walls anew
Three colors chosen carefully
But the dampness still came through
And soaked the air so thoroughly

How do I reconcile these things?
Beginning with the finishing
Soft and yearning hands
The words so angular
The present with the past
The first, the bitter last

No I'm not one of you, I fear
And I fear I never was

Theres nothing here at all
You cant see me cuz I am naught
And theres nothing out there at all
No, I fear there never was

Still how do I reconcile these things?
Track Name: Monolith
The cause and the consequence
Such trifles dangle and fall
Repeat a sorry bit of line, repeat
A sorry turn of phrase

And while the body creeps
And utters from red mouths, I'd assume
That while I may be held, that nothing may be taken

And while the body creeps
With pain and difficulty
Confined to planet sleeps
In aching contradiction
I go down, down, down,
Amidst the rushes and the sand
And lose myself to the land

Whether or not we ever tie the knot you know I always thought
That it was you and me
You couldn't do nothing wrong
Oh it goes on and on and on and on and on

Oh it's one thing to stay
And praise the one you love
Another, to recon with the blood
Track Name: To Clear The Air
Tell me all the ways I've wronged
Build a theory in reverse
A fool to think you've understood
A fool to act as though you haven't

Dredge and cut and burn!

To find a way out of old habits
Cast aside your lazy husk
A fool to keep a tarnished image
alive and near
You cannot trust!

Dredge and cut and burn!
Track Name: So Disappointed!!!
Come and try!
I am so disappointed in you!

The cast
And the crew
And the old chauvinists boo
You're off your guard

1. A summary, a cacophony, a policy of deceit!

2. Encircle a little foal!

3. Soak that fucker on the roof!
Track Name: You Can't Untangle The Words
You can't untangle the words
Within your warm dimension
When I am inside I fall
And I'm picked apart by birds

What once with satisfaction wielded
Now shattered on the ground

All this disappointment I take
A play thing of the nobel
And for all this indignation you suffer
You're just the same as me

What once with solemn weight was granted
Dissolves without a sound
We all tread lightly when we can...

It only takes a moment
To crush your working theory
What have I aside from my actions
To keep when all things crumble

What's lost amid your comfy stories
In solitude is found
Track Name: What Is Left Behind?
in your eyes I can see it running running running running dying dying dying where does it stop? your principles hold you guarded I wouldn't know the difference between you and me, with the lights on
Track Name: An Interlude In The Garden
And would I die before I'd step out into the garden?
Track Name: The Koi Pond
How did keep from speaking my mind?
Softly touching our toes and fingers
suddenly all my ducks in a row
They all follow as I groom your feathers

Some things don't seem to need to be said
softly touching our nose and fingers
sometimes the silence is best
Smell of the grass, the smell of your hair
Track Name: Down In The Garden, Down In The Well (ft. Pictures of Grey)
I've searched these boxes for a bottle
of what held my attention
oh how long it seems that we've kept these pictures so serene
so pristine
I'll tell you I love you from this side of the bed
I'd steal the world when I knew I couldn't
this love is not changed, but this anxiety I feel
when the voices in my head tell me I'm not good enough for you

I've searched these boxes for a bottle
of what held my attention
how long it seems that we've kept these pictures so pristine
I'd tell you I love from the side of this bedpost
I'm a thief of the night
Track Name: Oh, The Glory!
My dearest friend, though times they seem so cruel
Lets scrape these soft demons from the bottoms of the rocks they cling to

Oh tenderness, I feel it when we speak
oh honey
oh how it permeates through everything I am

I have fallen apart
And splayed out in the sun
Four fingers
Transmission pieces lined up on the floor, then scattered

But as soon as I start
to speak
a single thing
oh glory
oh how it tangles up in everything