Eight Songs From The Tower

by Elijah Egbert

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Recorded in Elk, Ca., on April 14th 2017


released April 28, 2017

All songs written and performed by Elijah Egbert
Mastered by Jiro Lagac

The portrait was discovered in a pawn shop up in Placerville. The signature is unintelligible....if anyone knows the artist please let me know so I can give them credit!



all rights reserved


Elijah Egbert Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Preliminary Outpouring
Sometimes your love strikes like the wrath of God
Sometimes it feels like a child
Skinning cats––or crushing beetles in the sand
Behind the garden shed
In the summer before dinner

Oh your fire is red––this severity descends
Upon the heads of
Plebeian peasant scum
To cleanse the earth of all their sins
Against you––your loving presence
Never asked for anything more than clarity

But I am guilty of some dark
And festering tangling thing that
Rots inside my stomach––
It goes on and on and a
Throng surrounds me
Holds me to the ground

'Til you with your sword
And fire come down upon the scene
Crushing skulls––and scattering tongues
Destroying all that’s false and cold and cruel
And in the glorious carnage––the
Rain of blood and locust cast
With awesome righteous certainty...

Your sword it strayed and caught me in the chest.
And what can I say when I’m dead?
Track Name: Frontier Thesis
Pool of water, warm and muddy,
Every day––the longer I wait;
Since Trains and Bees and Christmas Trees
And everything we loved has gone from the Earth.

Oh how my ancestors spread The Word!
From Babylon, to East Fort Worth...

From whence this Wind did come
I don’t know––
But still the moon
Drifts by––

Schools of minnows swarm and slide
Amidst the muck, but seldom do they touch;
While meekly on Pacific shores
We watch the sun descending in the West.

Oh how my ancestors spread The Word,
And how we’ve failed this most colossal test!
Track Name: The Light Nothing
Can you hold to Nothing? Can you let it go?
Oh you had what you wanted, now you don’t.

And it burns your conscience,
And it grinds your bones,
Cuz you had what you wanted, now you don’t––

And it burns!

There’s a huge Light Nothing, and it’s everywhere!
And it flows through your hands and your hair.

Yes it burns your conscience, and it
Gets your goat,
Cuz it takes all you have and you don’t––

Track Name: Boxing Day
What did I come here for?
I just can’t get enough I suppose.
So swaddling clothes again I dorn,
And strike out for the farther shore.
What did I come here for?
I’ve lost the list of items to procure––
Of experiences I must not go without––
Of hoops and loops to turn to when in doubt.

So I must set a gentle pace––
Lest I disturb my course.
And trust unto my sleeping form,
Until I do awaken.

What should I go without?
And what should I pursue for sure?
And what are you––what’s the place you hold?
When you cannot be forgotten?
And what does tomorrow hold?
If I can’t quite see through your front––
Well maybe it’s all me,
Too tangled up in mine to see.
And If we drift apart,
And God forbid, we lose the will to see––
Remember that it’s still me,
Though I might seem a distant ugly thing.

And set a certain trap––
That you might win me back!

And though we are imperfect things,
May nothing be forgotten.
Track Name: Widow's Walk
Down where you are––be wary
Deep below––you carry it
And pass through walls
The most peculiar things.

Will you return––to me?

Down where you are––don’t tarry there
(Return with haste)
Each moment counts for everything.
(No time to waste)
Strike for the shore––
Nothing more––to me
I could not bear it!

To see you gone
From me.
Track Name: Geist
The cross and the portrait on the wall cast a shadow.
A specter emerges from the page at my foot.
Oh Ghost––I curse you!
The lines of black ink that define you visage––
Appearing so cold.

Your words stay right here––
While the moon is burning my skin.

The dome of the heavens that
Encircle my outpost,
The sun and the stars
Their rays play on the meadow.

Your words stay right here
As the glory does fade from your eyes!

And your wounds are buried in the Earth––
As the moon burns your skin.

Oh, how
This dark rock feels
So far away––
From anything else!

And until I am buried in the earth,
How I’ll long for my home!
Track Name: Home In The Valley
Trudging through the canyon floor
I’m longing for my bones to join the ancient soil
Exposed to me

Creatures scarcely seen are studied
Match them to their image in my pocket guide
What else to find

How do these mountains mirror me
No path is laid beneath my feet
Still many miles to go

And no I am not everything
No not all that I should be

Carried away
May I wander back
It wouldn’t take so long at all

Empty vessels line the counter
Holler to the barren room when all have gone
It won’t be long

Till death does sever marriage bands
Lingering stings––and the trembling hands
Of a youthful lust
Removed from us

And no you are not everything
No not all that you could be
And what to call your own

May you give it away
To break the spell
It wouldn’t take so long at all